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My story starts off that I am the youngest sibling of 4 children. My oldest brother was diagnosed first at the age of about 31 years old or so. I remember hearing the word Multiple Scerlosis and not knowing much about it. I was at the time maybe 20 years old or so. I remember seeing my brother struggling to walk up my Mother’s stairs in the summer time and see him lying in her hallway trying to cool down so he was good enough to get into a car and drive himself home to his family. I didn’t understand and was confused what his issue was. As the years past, I have seen him fall, wreck his car, see him sway as he was walking looking as if he was drunk, all the time wondering if he was better or cured of the MS. Finally, I got married, and my big brother walked down the aisle by my side since years earlier our Father was killed in a construction accident. Not too long after that my brother was in a wheelchair and never really got out it. The year he went into a wheelchair was approximately the year 2000. Fast forward to about until roughly 2003-2004, Life was the same as always with the expectation that my husband and I decided it was best to separate for a bit. Around this time, I had to have Achilles tendon surgery due to the shorting of the tendon. I also would experience numbness around my hair line and face off and on and had to explanation as to why. Just figured I was tired, since I was now a working single mom of 3 small kids with a toddler still in diapers, the numbness would disappear as quickly as it came on. Some days I would like my legs were asleep, but again, that sensation would disappear too. Sensations would come and go until late spring of 2009. I woke up with heaviness in my left leg and some pins and needles and extreme fatigue. This went on of a few days and then it started to affect the right leg. At this point, I called my family doctor, she did a few different things and said we are going to have a MRI of my spine and brain.. MRI was scheduled on a Friday and I received a call on that next Monday but missed the call. When I called back on Tuesday, and they got her out from seeing a patient, I knew it wasn’t good but I never thought or expected to her, you have Multiple Sclerosis and you need to see a neurologist. I went and saw my first neurologist June of the year, who only provided me with medicine for fatique. August of that year I saw my current neurologist, who ran a few other times including a spinal tap which confirmed the diagnosis. I am currently take Requip for restless legs, neurontin for nerve pain, provigil for fatigue which helps most of the time and Tysabri. I really have no other treatment options for preventive as I was also diagnosis 2 years ago with Crohn’s disease. Daily is a struggle most of the time with speech and dizziness along with the fatigue. I have pain and numbness and drop foot. I push through it most days but some days I feel I am battling this alone. However, I know I am not alone and it’s nice to have people that understand. When people can’t see the illness they don’t understand our daily struggles.


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Hobbies and other interestsGenerally, I like to read and watch tv. Spend time with family and friends. Walking the dog and watching my kids play soccer and other sports

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