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  • Relationship Divorced

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I was diagnosed 9/11/2018. However, my journey began in early 2015. By early 2018 my symptoms became serious where it affected my job. I was a printer technician which involved walking, bending, picking heavy objects, and using hand tools. Unfortunately, I worked alone so no one could see my symptoms. On top of that I tried to hide my symptoms as they were embarrassing and I did not understand the cause. I kept going to the doctor even seeing a neurologist and another doctor. All my blood tests came back normal which baffled doctors. I had asked about a MRI for months until I was given on in August 2018. At this point my vertigo, dizziness, physical gait and overall health was deteriorating. So much so, that I begged my doctor for a MRI. I got started on Ocrevus and started having great results. Diet, exercise, and physical therapy have helped. Using a cane for almost a year has definitely helped, as I've had some nasty falls. But I'm not giving up!

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