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I don't know if my story is unusual or not. What I do know is that I have been through a lot in the past eight years. Although I had a low level of constant pain for most of my life, about 8 years ago it became worse. I hurt all over. Then the fatigue was starting to affect me on a daily basis. I had numbness in my feet around my toes. I went to the doctor at Group Health. She gave me pain pills and that helped. I took less than what was prescribed. I could work with 1/2 the dose so that was fine with me. Bu I didn't know what was wrong. Why did I feel this way? I kept going back to my doctor for a year every month. She would get angry at me and tell me she can't keep giving me pin medication. I told her then don't. But find out what was wrong with me. Finally she sent me to a Rheumatologist. He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. He put me on pain medication and kept tabs on me. I was so happy to finally know what was wrong. But after a year I started to feel worse. More body pain and much more fatigue. It was passed off as my Fibro. I was having trouble working and couldn't stay awake for my 9 hr shifts so I cut back. It didn't help and finally I ended up losing my job because I was late for work. I begged the doctors to figure out what was wrong while I still had my insurance. But didn't figure it out. With no income I lost my apartment. I had to move into my car. By this time my friends started giving up on me. treated me like I was faking it. After being homeless for a year I went to a homeless clinic. There they ran test and found out what was wrong. By this time I couldn't be on my feet but 1 or two hours a day. Slept constantly. The test showed I had Hep C. Again I was so happy to find out what was wrong. Because I wasn't sick enough I couldn't get the new treatment that could cure it. (I sure felt sick) I got into a study for a new drug and after a year was cured of the Hep C. I was told I would feel so much better. But I didn't. I still had body pain, fatigue(not as extreme but significant) and the numbness in my toes started moving up my legs to my calves. Again, no one knew why I was still showing symptoms. I went to a Neurologist and she listened to my sad story and promised me she would do everything possible to give me answers. I didn't do well on the test in her office for my feet. She said I had peripheral neurothopy (excuse my spelling). She then scheduled 2 MRI's. Six weeks later she told me I had MS. All I said was" oh". I told her that I probably should be upset or something but the truth is I was numb. She told me that I will continue to have my pain, my numbness and my fatigue. BUT because of my age it probably will progress very little, if at all. She said that if I wanted she could give me COPAXONE. I told her I had to think about it. So that was a few days ago.. April 20 2017. Here I am now ready to learn and help..


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