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  • Gender Female
  • Age 21
  • Relationship Domestic Partners / Common Law

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All my life I always had difficulty being outside in the summers and dealing with physical activity. I just thought it was how you were supposed to feel. It wasn't until the summer of 2017, I went through a relationship that was bad all around causing extreme anxiety. I was in the middle of preparing for horse jumping competitions and was pushing my body to its physical limit. One day I realized I was having trouble balancing and couldn't walk very well. My legs started tingling and I experienced what I would later find out to be called, an "MS belt". I had difficulties in other areas as well. I thought it was something that would just pass, but my mother, knowing this was not right, took me to the ER. I had three trips to the ER in 3 days before they admitted me and realized it was something other than dehydration. The night I was admitted the hospital ran tests all night, most of which I can hardly recall happening. And suddenly, they were coming at me with life changing news.

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