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Well I not sure what to say. I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS and have just been given the list of medications. Scary thing for me is the PML risk. It’s funny when you talk to other people who might have it or know someone who does but never hear them mention the side affects or risks. Just that everyone lives a normal life with the medication. Well I’m a landscaper and I believe I’ve had this for a little over a year. Once I learned what the symptoms were and thought back to different things that were happening. This summer I had what I and my regular doctor thought was shingles more precisely Ramsay Hunt shingles to where it only affects one side of your head. But when the pain got bad numbness started occurring throughout my body and this is when I got sent to a Neurologist. They found lesions on my brain and spine and I guess the one on my brain stem is the most concerning. Well I guess MS and heat and humidity does not mix well which would explain why I had such a problem working in the heat this year. I had to take many half days and extra breaks. In all honesty to get me through each day I prayed to the Lord to give me the strength and endurance to do my job. He helped me through it all even when I was going through the MS episode ( which we thought was shingles ) I only missed a day and a half from work. Definitely thought I should have been hospitalized but when you own your business and work alone you must continue to work. My best advice is go to the Lord for wisdom and strength. Trust in Him that He will not leave you nor forsake you.


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