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My name is Gary , in April of 2013 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was scared at first and un sure of my true feelings. I had a lot thrown in my direction at once, my diagnosis was a shock to me and my loved ones. Once I got over the shock of having M.S. sharing a few tears along the way. I then really got a clear look at me. A clear look at my true motivation and dedication. I know I always have had these in my life, but now they were more clear then the sunniest of all summer days. This would be the time, the time I said enough is enough. The time to face my reality in a lightened new positive way. I decided I was not going to be a martyr and would not let this disease control my so fragile and beautiful life. Let me start by saying that I am living a happy full healthy life with a positive outlook everyday. I try to see everything for it’s good, no matter what it may be. To me this helps really not take life for granted and helps appreciate all the little things in life. To me the little things are the best things. A lot of us overlook these little things and take them for granted, until a day comes that allows our sight to become clear in vision once again. This does not mean I shun any happiness in any form from my life. I welcome it all big or small because simply my life revolves around truth and happiness. True happiness big and small working together for me to show me how beautiful life really can and should be. Just because M.S. is in my life, doesn’t mean my life is around M.S. My life is around me being healthy. My life is around me be happy. My life is around me being me Not around a couple of initials. I do not and will not let any thing control my life and or actions. I believe with the power of the up lifted mind and will stay in this frame of thinking knowing I can and will live every minute from now on in my life to it’s fullest. I have an outlook that I do believe many of us have but may be afraid to show or live by for what ever the reason. I am here to help say it is alright to accept things and it is alright to move along. We all need help once in a while help to accept and help to move along. My help I hope once read is to show my way of living in inspiration and motivation and the power to live in a positivist’s world without losing the grasp of reality. I believe that the power of positive thoughts can and will preserve our mind and its actions. With positive thinking and allowing our selves to move on. M.S. can be just an abbreviation for another of life’s challenge thrown in our way. Then by accepting M.S. as another of life’s mere challenges, we may place it to the back of our minds. We will not forget it but also will not let it sit on the front of our mind to control our every move. I sincerely believe in the strength of our being our soul and know once others truly believe in their inner strength they can and will move on more powerfully and easier in the direction which they choose to follow. I never feared challenge, actually I have always accepted challenge. For it is simple to accept, challenge shows no fear. To erase “fear” from the vocabulary really makes any sentence with the word challenge in it a lot easier to over come. Fear is self made and taught passed down through generations as a tool used for when we don’t want to or don’t want others to do something. With out the word fear what is a challenge? It is a simple feat given to us to help us learn and pass down to others for a smoother road in life. Once given M.S. I accept this challenge, but never accept it’s stereo type. If I face this challenge everyday and do not give in to it by living my life the way I intend, healthy strong and honest. I am concurring this fear. Yes I may have this challenge everyday but then I have everyday to over come it and prove the trust in my heart will prevail each day as well as strengthen each day. We have challenges everyday and advance in life through solving problems or facing their truths. If we have a disease that challenges us everyday that is just one more daily feast for the strength in our soul. One more feast to strengthen our soul and let it prove it’s protective power of our mind and body. Another reason to move on stronger and live healthy is not be overcome or taken by any distress that is thrown in our way. I believe we are all strong enough to see the martyr is only another way of showing defeat. I also believe that educating ourselves and others can help strengthen each other and move on to brighter futures with better days ahead. I do believe we need clinical studies and expert opinions. I also believe those are just one step of our lives. Listening to one another, the same people in our shoes, the same people with same hopes and dreams of accomplishment is the true story. The true story will bring us the accomplished dreams we chase and the support we need to strengthen our inner core. Hopefully in these up coming pages (once read) there can be more peace and serenity through understanding ourselves and knowing we are never alone. Instead of letting this ailment deal us the cards, lets take the deck back and give our selves the winning hands we deserve. “Become who you deserve to be”


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