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I was diagnosed with rrms in 2012. In the beginning I had some symptoms like fatigue and brain fog/hard to concentrate/remember things. The past few months things have started to change. I have been having quite a bit of cardiac issues. When I asked my neurologist and cardiologist if there was any connection between MS and cardiac - both said no. I started to do my own research and found quite a bit of research and studies done regarding this issue. I am concerned that if they aren't aware of this connection, what are, if any, treatments. One of my biggest challenges is working. I am still working full-time - have good and bad days - sometimes very challenging days but I get through them. My hope is that they find a cure for this life stripping disease but also that I am able to control my symptoms and live as much of a "normal" life as possible. I would love to talk to others who may have any of the same issues as me as well as anyone needing someone to talk too. Thanks


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