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I think I have always had small attacks but didn't realize it, then in 2004 had my first major one which scared me. I was very blessed to have excellent friends who also have MS help me through the first initial shock of being told "you have MS" Since then my biggest challenge is to realize that because of this stupid disease and my age "You can't do what you did 20 yrs ago!!!!" So I have decided to grow old and still be walking by taking care of ME no one else will. I want to do all I can so someday can look back and not have any regrets. My best advice to anyone who is diagnosed is "get rid of all the negative stuff in your life and if someone wants to treat you badly or argue just say Adios and move on". Bad vibes aren't good for us folks with MS. So just keep smiling really messes with folks and when someone says "you don't look sick" Just ask them, what does sick looks like??? God bless you all


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