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I have no idea how long I have had MS. The Dr said, it's been a long time, just wasn't diagnosed. He couldn't believe he was giving me this diagnosis at my age (65). He told me I was too old to be getting this and I told him, "I'm a late bloomer." I've doctored for sinus and arthritis all these years. In 2011, I was having very bad headaches. I had no insurance, so I was going to the free clinic. The nurse practioner was taking care of me. When sinus meds didn't help with the pain, she sent me for a cat scan on my sinuses. They came back clean, so she sent me for an MRI and that's when we first started finding this ugly creature in my head. I needed a neuro, but none would see me until I ended up in the ER with severe head pain. Then I was ordered to a neuro. That was Oct 2011. He waited until April 2012 when I got my SS medicare before he did an MRI and spinal tap. He gave me my news in June 2012 and I started on Techfidera the beginning of August. I still have some arm, upper back and head pain, but not like I was having. I retired from my job in Nov, 2013. But not because of the MS. My SS people told me I earned too much money for 2012 and have cut a chunk out of my monthly check for the next 3 years. So, in order to NOT earn too much, I retired. My outlook on life is great. I have a wonderful husband, who is disabled from a nasty disease called Buergers. We are taking care of each other and have found a super church that we attend. He is a fishing fanatic and we do a lot of that in good weather. He doesn't drive, so there are times, when we go fishing, and I might just sit there and read. My bucket list got changed all around when I was diagnosed. But my main goal, is to get my husband to the Rocky Mountains, so he can see all the beauty that God has created.


Type of MS Newly Diagnosed with MS
First Diagnosed 2013
Symptoms Fatigue, Vision Problems, Pain, Cognitive Dysfunction, Headache
Treatments Tecfidera, Vitamin D


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living, Insurance and money matters, Healthcare
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsFishing, camping, computer research, reading.

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