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I was diagnosed 12/7/2010 but I had my first episode April 2000 when I was a senior in high school. I have RRMS and its been frustrating, because its one of those I never know when its going to happen kind of things and I am a total control freak. Because of fatigue and weakness/pain in my dominate had I had to leave my job, because they would not be flexibile with my hours or work with me in general (my boss was satan) and I am on disability through a private insurance company, but I am almost done with graduate school so I can start a new career with more flexibility. Unfortunately COBRA insurance was costing me $500 a month and I couldn't make ends meet so I am currently without insurance. Luckily I live with my fiancee who helps me out, but as of right now he is unemployed. Scary times we live in.


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