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I am 29, married to my husband Nathan and I have one little boy named Cayleb who is my world. I hope to have one more baby within the next couple of years if its possible. I was officially diagnosed with MS February 27th 2013 after about 4 months of knowing that it was a possibility but not knowing for sure. In October of 2012 I went to see a neurosurgeon for my degenerative disk disease and osteoarthritis that's in my lower back to see if surgery could help. during my exam he grew concerned because my reflexes where hyper sensitive so he decided to do a complete MRI of my back and brain. The results came in and that's where they saw the lesions on my brain and cervical spine that where consistent with MS but he unfortunately could not diagnose me because he was not a neurologist. So from there I was referred to a neurologist and was lucky to get one of the best hospitals in my area with one of the best doctors I love UCSD. I saw my neurologist for the first time in December who after my initial exam was still not 100% comfortable diagnosing me because there wasn't enough to diagnose me. He wanted to monitor me and see where I was in 2 months. So I left my first visit with him undiagnosed and frustrated because I just wanted answers. On February 5th in the evening I noticed the entire left side of my body from shoulder to toes was completely numb. As I am sure everyone on here has felt and understands I was scared didn't know what was causing it. With the possibility of MS still lingering I had that gut feeling but that's all I had. I went to the ER the next day where they did a CT scan which came back normal so they sent me home with no answers which was frustrating. Over the next few days the numbness continued and progressed so I went back to the ER where they did more MRI's and a spinal tap and decided to admit me for a steroid treatment to I spent almost 3 days in the hospital away from my family and it was my first hospital stay other than when I had my son. A little over a week after my hospital stay and my birthday I got the official diagnosis. I was put on COPAXONE and it took from February 27th until April 26th to receive my meds and take my first injection. My insurance as usual caused problems in receiving my meds. Now I am taking it one day at a time I recently got a tattoo on my left forearm of a butterfly with an orange ribbon that says " fight like a girl" (I posted a picture of it) its my symbol and reminder to hold my head high and stay strong through all the tough times I may have a head. I look forward to meeting new people on here and maybe even people in my area and building a support team other than my family!!


Hobbies and other interestsI love music and before my health got bad I danced. Now I sing. I love making jewelry when I have the time and as you can imagine with a almost 2 year old that's not very often lol. I love love love to bake so if anyone on here has good yummy recipes please share I'll pass some of mine on too if asked. I look forward to my son being old enough to bake for him and his class on birthdays and other special events. I love being his mommy its definitely a dream come true being a mommy!!!!

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