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My MS saga started in April of 2015. I have an additional mild skin condition (HS) that is also now thought of being autoimmune. Thankfully mine is very mild, but annoying and been dealing with it since my 20’s. I finally said enough and went to a dermatologist who prescribe a general antibiotic. I started to take that and within a week I had sever vertigo to the point I wasn’t able to drive, and lost feeling on half my face. We originally thought it was side effects of the antibiotic, so I stopped, but symptoms persisted. By the time 2 weeks rolled around I decided to go to the walkin. They ran a lot of test, blood, ekg, etc. and all looked normal. So they mentioned based on my symptoms, if headaches got worse I needed to go to the ER, as the all the other tests were months out. Next day headache was terrible so we went to the ER. Who quickly got me into a MRI. After a second MRI with tracing fluid, they came back with a diagnosis of MS. I had 5/6 lesions and 2 were active. They gave me some steroids, got me into sweetish MS center. My perception of my health was completely spun as up to this I was never sick & never went to the doctors. Since diagnosis I am now on copaxone, every MRI (on 6 month schedule) I have between 2-5 new lesions, and my doctors would like me to step up my drugs into a much more risky side effects, which I am currently still on the fence about. I am strongly going after diet also. Currently on wahls, if folks have interest in diet / recipes etc. hit me up!! Physically it hasn’t been bad, and can still do most things. I have constant headaches, losing feeling on parts of my body, and random pains that come and go, and brain fog. After about 5/6ish I struggle at being “present” and interacting with family. Historically I have always had strong emotional stability, but over the last year it feels like I am loosing this, I cry at the most ridiculous things, seem to get easily frustrated / angry, and have these swings of (I guess) depression where I am just down on life which seems to last for a few days. I know it’s not asked, but I hope by talking about it, makes it less when/if I have to face. That said, I wanted to point out the things I am terrified of. I have 2 young children (4/6). I am truly saddened / terrified of not being able to do things with them. Growing up I was very active. Raced skiing, taught snowboarding, scuba diving, varsity tennis, crew, etc. I love hiking, camping. I love working in my yard which is big (5 acers), and I wanted to give our children opportunity to grow up on large property doing things as I have fond memories of my childhood in similar situation. It will be very difficult for me to cope if I am unable to do these things with my kids. I am fairly young, and my disease is being very active (per doctors). I am up to 15+ lesions within 1 year. I am terrified what life will be like when I am only 45. I am our families income, and wife is stay at home with our kids. We just built our dream house, and my wife could never fetch the income I do. I am terrified of not being able to provide financially for our family. It would plunge us into selling house, and barely making it if relying on wife. I am terrified of going blind. I am terrified of being confined to a wheel chair. I am terrified of my emotional state, and basically pushing my entire family away from me. So that’s my story … and hope it doesn’t’ need to be added to. Thanks, -Dave


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