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Shortly after my twenty first birthday, which is supposed to be significant because it's the start of your adult life, while on family vacation I woke up deaf in my left ear. It had started a few weeks earlier, but I assumed it was just swimmers ear and didn't really think much about it...but now I couldn't hear a thing, naturally I freaked out. By the time we made it back home I couldn't walk straight, talk normal, and it felt like I was thinking in a cloud...I honestly thought I was going to die. A day later I was sitting at the ear, nose, throat doctor and he looked as puzzled as I felt. Sent to get a MRI for my ear canal, four legions showed on my brain. Let me add, I have never had a medical problem in my life. I was always one of those people who avoided doctors, needles, and any type of pain related anything! So this was like the end of the world for me. One spinal tap (which was the worst experience of my life!!!) later, there it was, I had Multiple Sclerosis..and much like probably any self-absorbed 21 year old my response was "What the hell is MS?". Everything went pretty downhill really fast from then. I would think about it all day, how it was killing me, how I didn't know what to say to my family or how to even begin to talk about it, and the symptoms started right away. I was always so active.. I ran 3 miles four times a week and did yoga every morning, and those were things I wasn't able to do anymore...but I learned how to manage. Luckily, I was put into the hands of a very wonderful doctor who has helped ME through everything. He let me choose my own path, he didn't push me into anything. I know we all have our own story, and they are all equally painful..and I think I can speak for anyone reading this when I say we have all cried our self to sleep at lease once...but honestly, this has been the most enlightening thing that has ever happened to me. At first, sure, it was hard to take in, but once I accepted it for what it is I became such a happy person. This experience has showed me how beautiful everything in life is, even if you brain fart every moment of it.

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