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I am a mother of 2 active boys, My Older son is 12 and is involved in basketball and swimming and my younger son is 9 and loves painting, swimming and video games. I have been newly diagnosed with MS after an exacerbation I was hospitalized and now after being ruled out for GBS and Shojens syndrome I have a diagnosis of MS, It feels like my doctors are throwing me around and kinda unsure how to handle my symptoms. But i am feeling better so there is the measure of sucess… This statement above is from two years ago. I am well managed and stable at this point. I have a good neurologist who listens to my concerns and is able to guide me through this diagnosis. I started on capaxone and continue on it to this day. MY health has had it bumps. One example of this is recently having my gall bladder out to stop my chronic idiopathic pancreatitis. I hope it does stop it. I had 3 episodes of pancreatitis last year. I am strong and work as a critical care nurse floating between ICU and the step down unit, ED and PACU. I love what I do. I hope to continue my life and attain small goals like continue to work, stay healthy and enjoy my life. I would also like to get my big goals like travel more and pursue a masters degree. I would like to continue to be influential in the MS fight by continuing my productive life. I don't want to have to stop and I will do anything to continue on.



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Hobbies and other interestsKayak, Hiking, snowshoes, cross country ski, reviving furniture, guitar, reading, unclaimed artist

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