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When MS starting to affect my life: I was in my second semester of grade 11 in High School; everything was going just as always. I was just an ordinary high school student, always hanging out with friends, laughing, but I always tended to my a bit more tired/late in the mornings for school than the others. I just thought it was because I didn't go to bed early enough or it was just a normal teenage life change. Probably half way through the semester I woke up one morning and my left arm felt like it was asleep. I realized I had left an elastic band around my arm while I was sleeping so I thought maybe it just cut the circulation a bit and my arm was just asleep. As the day when on the tingles did not go away, which I though was very odd. In my mind I kind of just pushed it off because it wasn't really that bad and I could still do everything as always. Eventually this tingly feeling got so bad that I could not use my left arm/hand at all. I was terrified. Half a month later I started losing vision in both of my eyes, it felt like there were smoke clouds in my eye balls. I told my parents what was going on and they took me to an eye doctor. The eye doctor told my parents that I was lying and just wanted to wear glasses. That made me feel like I was honestly going crazy. About 2 weeks after that I got bronchitis really bad with a very bad fever etc. My parents ended up taking me to the emergency because the fever wouldn't break. While I was at the hospital being examined by the doctor I told him of my symptoms (my eyes were blurry and my left arm felt numb). He told me that these symptoms could be from the high fever I was experiencing. I honestly felt so helpless and so alone after being rejected by two specialists. When I started feeling better from my cold, I googled my symptoms (bad idea) it pretty much said I had a stroke. My anxiety literally skyrocketed, after no one was able to tell me what was wrong with me I missed school every day because I literally couldn't see the board right in front of my face. I ended up failing 3 classes that semester and I felt so hopeless for what my future had in store for me. Eventually my eye sight came back and I could move my left arm and fingers again, what a relief. I went on and finished grade 12 but did not graduate with my classmates as I had failed 3 classes in grade 11. I was determined to complete high school, and enrolled in an adult learning school and completed a co-op and got the 3 credits that I needed to graduate High School. I felt like my life was on track again! I forgot to mention that I had a boyfriend and him and I had a long distance relationship! He was so supportive during everything considering he was so far away. I ended up moving to Kitchener, ON where he was from and we moved in together; that same year I started College at Conestoga. I majored in Executive Office Administration. I never would have thought that after everything, my life was finally starting to make sense. Not long after, my eyes started twitching and going blurry again, but not as bad as the first time, however my anxiety shot straight through the roof AGAIN! I honestly thought that my previous health issues were behind me and that I was going to be okay, until I started to feel numbness from the waist down. With no diagnosis for my symptoms, I was terrified and had no idea what was happening to my body. By this time it is my second year of college; a week before exams. My boyfriend took me to the emergency and I had a spinal MRI which showed little white marks on my spinal cord. They told me that it is probably MS then scheduled for a brain MRI. The next week right before my Advanced Excel exam I met with the neurologist and the results confirmed Multiple Sclerosis.

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