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  • sweetie

       Just wondering if anyone is using CBD oil?  If so, my Acupincture Physician would like to know what re*****ble source do you get it from and how is dosing done

  • ms_navigator_sam
    Hi sweetie,

    Thanks for reaching out,

    We have limited information about marijuana and CBD oil being used with MS as it is still being studied. I have included the information we have below about current study information:

    I hope this helps
  • Liz_S
    Hello Friends
    I would encourage you to use your favorite search engine to research CBD and MS.  There are many studies and surprisingly great results.  It helps many when they understand that Hemp and Marijuana are different. Yes, Hemp and Marijuana are both cannabis, so you’re getting the same compounds no matter which plant they come from.  However, Hemp is naturally low in THC and higher in CBD.  If it is something you are wanting to try, find a good Hemp Oil.  There are products free of THC.  Hope this helps.  Always willing to help and share.
  • onefintwofin
    Sorry, I'm not familiar with a topical lotion but there is a strain of marijuana in flower/leaf form you might be interested in.  The two strains are called Charlottes Web and ACDC.  They were bred to have extremely low THC levels, I beileve under 1%, and high CBD levels. You can't get "stoned off it."

    I was never a fan of pot, I only liked to drink beer, wine, etc., but the relief provided from pot has helped me out in dealing with MS.  Alcohol has the opposite effect and slams me deeper into experiencing complications and lasting effects of MS.

    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with an edible version, that would be the best of both worlds. Most CBD edibles have THC in it like Cheeba Chews.  If you don't mind the THC, they taste and look like Tooties Rolls.  They take about 45 minutes to get in your system, then effects last 4 to 6 hours.

  • onefintwofin
    Lol, I just did a search and there's tons of cbd edibles and oils out there now.  Even gum.  

    Whole new world.  
  • mac2013
    Can anyone recommend a Cannabis/CBD strain for real bad spasticity for my legs?
  • longailebd
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  • lolapaluuza
    Hi everyone! I'm using products based on CBD. For example, I use Blessed CBD. The question about dosing is really very famous among newcomers because the dosage is a personal question. The answer to this question is really simple. Good shops can help you with this question because they give you a description of how to use it, and if you can read it is not a problem for you no more.
  • toheyi6967
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