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  • Kris-MSConnection
    We know what we eat affects our health. But how does diet influence multiple sclerosis? Currently, there is no single dietary guideline recommended for people with MS, but researchers are investigating overall eating habits and specific foods, looking for possible impacts on MS. Have you noticed that specific foods or a way of eating helps or hinders your MS symptoms?
  • dcyrdomiko1
    I’m wondering the same thing. I can tell you I just purchased Dr. Wahl’s book. So far I’m reading The Wahl’s protocol. A radical way to treat chronic autoimmune conditions. So far this book is great. She also has books out on food. 
    Also my brilliant daughter read this book by Paul Farmer.....Mountains  beyond Mountains.  He’s her idol. He goes into illnesses and did  experiments with vitamins, food, placebos ect., too see if our intake of both helps our illnesses. Pretty heavy duty stuff. This guy is truly amazing. 
    In short she got me on all natural nuts, fruit and vegetables. I’ve noticed a huge difference just in 2 weeks. Although she currently moved away, the reading materials are with her as well. Which brought me to Dr. Wahl’s. I hope this helps somewhat. I also know going gluten free is a big success. I hope you may post results once you find more answers. Oh and I wanted to add this. She told me changing my diet will take a good couple of months before I noticed anything due to getting rid of all the other toxins (to us) out of our systems before feeling results. 
  • AnyBeth
    Genetics and a transient thyroid condition have made me particularly slender. Unhelpfully, my MS reduces my hunger and makes both task-switching and choosing difficult. My MS (and everything else) worsen if my eating habits don't included a habit of eating. I need to ignore any advice that includes avoiding any foods/only eating certain foods because the additional requirements make me less likely to eat at all.

    More than anything, what I need is calories. Fatigue is worse if you don't have fuel to burn. I try to have healthy, high-calorie food at hand. My fatigue increases if I go three days without meat, so I try not to go meatless for more than a day. I make no claims on what helps MS generally, but I know this is best for me, specifically. And now... now I need to go get something to eat.
  • Shanah63
    Wow. I’ve never heard of this kind of problem.

    Best of luck!
  • lovereign
    I've heard of Wahls protocol and seriously considered it even went as far as making notes on what I was going to buy at the grocery store next time. My mom had me on the macrobiotic diet at the beginning. I threw both out the window. I realized early on that since everyone's MS is different, everyone with MS is going to react differently not just to DMTs but also to diet. I've learned to listen to my body. I still try to get all the food groups (protein, carb, fat, dairy, vegetables, fruit) in my diet every single day. I don't eat junk food or fast food at all. I drink only water. Sometimes coffee or tea. Never juice, it's mostly sugar. My mom still tries to push her diets on me but her diets are to lose weight not for healing. And not only do her diets NOT help her to lose weight because they are fads but when I was on the macrobiotic diet she had me on, I became iron deficient. I cannot stress this enough, everyone's MS is different but also, everyone's body is different. Listen to YOUR body and find out what works for you. For me, eating healthy in general has helped give me more energy and there for less horrible fatigue.
  • waltzing_matilda
    I have been on the Wahl's protocol for 4 months. I've noticed a bit of improvement in some symptoms, but I still walk like a frail 80 year old.  Still, I'm hopefull.  I have done a different type of ketogenic diet for years, and noticed that when I got away from it my symptoms became worse.
  • Alicia40
    Hello I am also new to this group. I have so many different things going on but this caught my eye because I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of gastroparesis along with type 2 diabetes trying to balance the two is a very difficult I've been nauseous and fatigued since I had a perforated ulcer two-and-a-half years ago my sugars have been out of control despite all different meds insulin Etc and trying to force myself to eat but can't really eat solids and with gastroparesis they say you can eat certain things which in turn is not good for my sugars any advice would be greatly appreciated
  • jennifer_m
    Since I'm a fourth generation baker, I have quite the sweet tooth and passion for good breads.  That being said, my gallbladder was removed several years ago so I had to choose a healthier way of living. Even though I haven't been following it religiously, The Mediterranean Diet concept seems to work for me.  Big time fats: bye bye!  Overly greasy foods: see ya!  Fruits and veggies: can't get enough of them!  Sweet stuff: one big sweet or junk food snack a day and call it good.  I LOVE seafood and cooking and flavoring with olive oil, so that diet concept works for me and I maintain my blood sugar at work with fig bars, granola bars, a small stack of crackers (I keep some snacks in my locker), or by getting a cup of popcorn chicken from the deli.
    Overall, just doing things in moderation seems to work for me.  I can't get enough of the "rabbit food" as my father-in-law puts it, but even too much of those will have you and the bathroom being REALLY good friends (LOL).  
  • alexchesser
    Greetings all!

    I was recently diagnosed with MS.Not sure which form, but since I have never had any acute flare ups (which is why it was so difficult to diagnose) and my symptoms have been getting worse since the diagnosis 3 months ago I feel it is likely ppms. I am curious about foods that may contribute to a microbiome that is helpful/harmful to MS inflammation. I read the Wahl's protocol and have been following it to some extent. I cut gluten, dairy, and red meat out of my but I still eat eggs and corn. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • waltzing_matilda
    You can't do the Wahl's Protocol 90% and expect results.  Dr.  Wahl's stresses 100% compliance for 100 days.  Then you can try adding the eggs and corn back in (ONE AT a TIME -VERY IMPORTANT) and see if you get symptoms.
  • Kelly1869
    I started eating vegetarian, now plant based for the past 25 years.  I thinks it helps my well being.