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Lifestyle 2020*

More and more research is showing the positive impact of lifestyle improvements — to diet, exercise, sleep, etc. — on overall health, longevity and even MS. With New Year’s resolution season in full swing, are you making any lifestyle changes and why? Are you setting goals? Do you plan to track the results… Read More

A Letter to the Community

Dear Community,  It is with bittersweet emotions that we announce the closing of the website as of September 30, 2020, because the platform the website is built on will no longer be supported by the vendor.  For years, it has been incredible to see the MS community come together here on… Read More

The Support You Want or Need*

Help and support are musts for those living with MS and its unpredictability. Yet, MS can be frustratingly hard to explain and difficult to understand. This can make it tough for those not living with MS to know how to help. Have you experienced challenges around getting the help and support you need? What… Read More


The holidays can be a wonderful time to connect with loved ones, and celebrate the season.  But, all that activity when you have MS-related fatigue is also physically and emotionally exhausting! What strategies have you found to help limit the effects of fatigue so that you can be ready for this Holiday season? Read More


For the past few weeks our Blogs have been focusing on the topic of social wellness. Some, like You Shouldn’t Be Parked There by Teisha Rose, talks about the challenges of having a social life with MS and society’s perception of what being disabled looks like. An issue many with MS struggle with…..“But you look… Read More


We, at the Society, want to be a place for people, young and not-so-young, to connect with one another because we know that is how many solutions to life’s challenges can be found. We also want to provide the best information about MS and the resources people need. In a world where the ways people communicate… Read More


Pain is a common symptom of MS, but one that is commonly misunderstood. In one study, up to 55% of people with MS experienced clinically significant pain. Have you experienced pain related to your MS? Have you found strategies for managing pain? Share your questions, experiences and tips below. Read More

Your Opinion Matters*

Update: Survey is now closed.  Thank you!We believe that people affected by MS live better lives when they're connected. To help us provide you with the best resources, support and information, please provide your feedback in a short survey. Thank you in advance for sharing your valuable time and energy. We… Read More

Eating Habits & MS *

We know what we eat affects our health. But how does diet influence multiple sclerosis? Currently, there is no single dietary guideline recommended for people with MS, but researchers are investigating overall eating habits and specific foods, looking for possible impacts on MS. Have you noticed that specific… Read More

The MS Hug Experience*

The MS Hug, a type of pain that falls under the medical term dysesthesia, feels different for everyone. Some people describe a boa constrictor-type squeezing that is almost constant. Other people describe a band of burning pain that comes and goes. If you’ve experienced the MS hug, please share what it feels… Read More

We Believe*

You’ll want to turn on the sound to watch this powerful, new video !  We are a movement by and for people affected by multiple sclerosis. Until we end this disease forever, we will do whatever it takes to accelerate breakthroughs. This community is part of the movement. Thanks for being here and making… Read More

Fatigue is #1

Fatigue is the number one symptom reported by people living with MS. But because it is hidden, it can be frustrating to get others to understand what you are feeling. Have you found ways to help your family and friends understand your fatigue? And, what advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed on how to… Read More

Who Are You Now?

At its deepest level, MS can make you rethink your life’s values. It can refocus who you are and how you relate to the world around you. Since being diagnosed, have you redefined who you are and what you want out of life? Read More


Social cues guide our interactions and relationships with others. Research has shown MS can have a negative effect on social cognition which is the ability to interpret facial expressions, understand how others are feeling and the ability to show empathy. Do you have awkward, confusing, or perhaps even funny… Read More

Stress & Unpredictability*

With many chronic diseases, stress can lead to more symptoms and more visits to the doctor. The unpredictability of MS adds yet another layer of stress and anxiety to an already stressful condition. Does stress affect your symptoms and how do you manage it? What can you share about living with uncertainty? Read More