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  • sherry_sue
    I have been crying way to much. I am looking for a group that I can talk with.
  • BrandyZ
    Thank you so much all for saying something. As I am sitting here crying. I got on this MS site to hopeflly find answers and I am so mad at my self for crying about it. My story is I am a lucky one who had one diagnosing flare up in 2008. And of course with a two week theropy of steriods I was treated. But I frequesntly get the symptoms of MS. I recently put on twently lbs (on top of the 30 I already needed to lose) suddenly and when I went to my Neurologist he had blood work ran. and it all came back fine. So it just menas i need to eat better and exercise. So yesterday I played a game of race with my 4 year old. I only ran from my apt door to the car (200-300 feet) grabbed a bag of groceries and walked back. This morning I was in so much pain I couldnt get out of bed. I had to call into work. So of course I start crying becasue how am I suppose to lose weight and Play with My daughter if I will be in this much pain.
  • Nancelove
    Hi Sherry, I've been diagnosed just recent and I cry a lot...I'm emotionally stressed and no one understands how I feel, especially my family..I understand exactly how u feel..and I hope and pray that we both find some comfort soon..
  • seenjo11
    Hello sherry sue -

    OK - the weird thing is that I haven't cried at all after being Dx'ed in April. Isn't it strange? If you need a spillway for the additional tears I'd be glad to help. Best wishes.
  • maria1

    Hi SS, 
       Since I am off antidepressants I have been tearful at everything, I feel like I am the person they use to hire to cry at wakes in the old days. But, sometimes I let  me be with it and other times I play music, loud too. I play rock music when I clean house it helps me keep a 'fast' pace, turtle second, and I noticed it would distract me to keep the beat or sing with words i knew.

       So, I play loud music all different types and do the mind travelling instead of the tearing. Distractions are important to me. Most of my days are spent doing everything to get my mind elsewhere. It is now an effort. I must direct my mind, telling it what to do, like telling a kid to get dressed. The brain always goes back to square one, me and my body living with ms, so I have to tell it, move to another plalce, find what will distract the brain. And i am calling for a prescription because my partner is not liking this place where I am.

  • Kamdiggity
    Right there with you. I just got a new neurologist last week. I was seeing this one that is close to  my house because I am not working and have no car and have to walk and take the bus everywhere. Anyway, this one seems much more competent. Going to ask about different meds or add to what I already take. I am a sobbing mess just about every darn day and I hate it. just out of nowhere. just happens. Grrrrr. 
  • maria1
    If you google PBA there is a site with links to a chat group and information about PBA.
  • Bobo
    Tears are a safe way to let loose the inner angst. Keep in mind that we are prone to depression if you're on any of the ABCR meds. I toughed it out for years, thought i should be strong and not take meds for the depression. When things overwhelmed me, I would write down what was making me mad/angry/sad. Sometimes the writing down everything gave me a perspective to pull back as needed and life became more manageable.
    However, after 12 years, one listing was four pages long, front and back. At that time i made an appt with my GP and together we decided to start anti-depressant meds. I'm handling things now, not flying off the handle, crying at the drop of a telephone commercial, but not a zombie either.

    You may need to see a therapist for one-on-one talking, as they can help us see other options and come to decisions about what's troubling us. Any combination of professional help is out there, just ask.

    I do treasure the support group, as they have become great friends. They know what I'm talking about when I say I'm having an odd day or two. Their advice is often right on the money.

    Cry to lessen stress, but you'll know when you need more than friends can handle.
    I' ve been crying like crazy most of this week!
    I wish I had a drinking problem - because most drunks are not feeeling sorry for themselves.
    I don't know what to do!
  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Hi Sherry Sue,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time.  MS can be pretty overwhelming - just the fact of the diagnosis or living with symptoms that interfere with your day-to-day living can make things hard, but emotional changes can even be a symptom rather than a side effect.  I'm so glad you're reaching out for support.

    I noticed that your post has generated a lot of conversation in just a couple of days!  I hope that you're finding the responses to be helpful.  You mention that you're looking for a group to talk with - there are a few options.  You can search the groups here on MS Connection to find an online community to connect with.  You can also find in-person options.  Many chapters post a self help group calendar on their website; if you can't find meetings please just respond to my post with information about your city and state.  You can also call us (1-800-344-4867, option 1) or email us if you'd rather communicate more privately.

    Hang in there, and please don't hesitate to reach out again if there's anything else you need.
  • Avatar
    I understand the crying.  I told my neuro about the pyschobulbar effect and he didn't want to put me on another med and I can understand that.  Anti-depressants have a bad side effect for me so I can't take them. 

    So the only answer for me is to cry or to get out of the situation that causes me to cry.  I don't cry for the wrong reason--I just can't stop crying when there is a good reason even when I don't want to cry.  It is tough sometimes with our MS.  Anti-depressants are not always the answer.  Running for another drug is easy.  It is hard to tough it out.  I hate anti-depressants.  I wish I could exercise more because that is the best anti-depressant in the world, along with sex.
  • Avatar
    Having a good support group helps.  But that can be a problem finding one.  I am in need of one myself.  But the problem of crying can be a part of your MS itself.  There is a such thing as a pychobulbar effect that causes crying or laughing uncontrollably at times.  I can cry at the drop of a hat when before my MS came into play, I hardly ever cried.  So it can really be part of your MS.  Look for support.  You can call the MS Friend line.  Call the MS society for their phone number.  Hopefully, there will be someone volunteering when you call.  Good luck.
  • TrishSue
    I have a MS advocate now....she called a spoke to me this morning and we talked for about 1 1/2 hours...I cried and cried...the things thats bottled up inside of me is just bursting all out at the same time...things I went through...with myself, kids and life's stress....for some reason I am struggling with this more NOW than I was before?
    She also has MS...her name is Sarah...she is also trying to find me a MS support group for my bf and I to go to....she said the one I was gonna go to was just a support group not for MS...
    I am on the right track...I realize I need help...LOL!!!
    Thanks you everyone for taking time to reply to my many have no idea how MUCH it truly means to ALL are a God Send!!!
    God BLESS you ALL!!!
  • TrishSue
    Thats the key word "SUPPORT"
    Its hard to find someone who totally understands what youre going thru...and doesnt think youre a blubbering idiot! lol!!!
    Someone who will try to talk to you and not ignore you..."keep your mind busy"  cut up with you...keep your mind happy! Thats very important!

    Thats why I LOVE this connection so much!!! If I don't get on a day...I feel as though somethings missing...I hafta check to see how my friends are doing on here!
    Thank God for this web site!!!

    And also its important to have good depression meds!
    Right now I have a crying outburst about every other day...I am calling my neuro Monday and getting another medication cuz the one Im on dont help at all!
    If youre depression meds are not helping talk to your doctor or neuro.

    God Bless you!!!
  • norcamp


    You made some interesting points and I do believe also that support is VERY important.

    I have had MS since the early 1990s  and I consider myself lucky in many ways.  I'm still

    walking with assistance and I'm still able to care for myself.  I have noticed that within the

    past 3-6 months not a day goes by that I'm crying about something (MS related or not).

    Have you ever heard of any foods that contribute to depression?  I think a lot of it is not

    getting enough exercise, which I used to do but the fear of falling kind of set me back.

    So now I have what you call 'pity parties' and think about how good it was before MS

    came into my life.  Well, that's my rant for today; thanks for listening.

  • Sparky10
    How are you when you're not crying, sherry sue?  Are you generally unhappy?  Uncontrollable crying isn't necessarily a symptom of depression.  Look up Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA).  It is something some of us experience.  Uncontrollable laughing at innapropriate times is the flip side of PBA.

    I cry for no reason if I don't take my Escitalopram (generic Lexapro).  It is an antidepressant but I'm not depressed.  Please check with your doctor!  Either counseling or a med may be in order. 
  • TrishSue
    Should I call my Neuro or Primary physician to ask for help with depression meds???
    It's hard for me to cheer up!