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  • love4leo
    I'm new here and I'm not really sure if this is where I should put this. I was diagnosed on Monday and I am stilly really confused/angry/upset. I'm a college student and I am having issues with my cognition. I need some coping help and I'm not sure if I should call my neurologist or not. This is a new symptom. It started yesterday and I've also had some issues with dizzyness. I don't really have a support system as of yet and I'm not really ready to disclose my condition to friends. 

    I guess what I really want to know is: How do you cope with the "fog" and having issues with concentration?
  • MStrong
    My neuro prescribed Adderall for fatigue and concentration.  Dizziness, vertigo, giddiness is all a part of my life. I have tried OTC medicine for motion sickness but find that my low dose of Xanax works best for me. Your neurologist should be able to treat your symptoms. I still get terrible dizzy just contemplating one step or down-everything starts wobbling.  Every one has different symptoms and that is what makes this such a wonderful forum to post everything-someone is here to help shed light on what you are going thru.  I have been diagnosed for 18 years and I am still learning.
  • love4leo
    Thank you! I have an appointment on Wednesday for a spinal tap (ugh) and will be able to talk to him about it then. It's so hard to know what I need to call for and what I don't because before I was diagnosed I already was able to hide my symptoms. I'm pretty sure my husband didn't even realize how hard things like grocery shopping and doing homework was for me. But now with the official diagnosis, every little thing has me quesitoning if it's worth a call/trip to the doctor. 
    I need to stop being so sad
     Right now I have no pain, but I'm crying and feeling sorry for myself!
    My handicape mainly is not being able to walk and I need my husband to be my "WIFE"!
    Susan, I live with my husband and 2 dogs.
    I no longer have sex.
  • staypossitive

    Hello. I too take adderal, it has been an miracle drug for me. I swear by it!

    I have a question.....

    Long before adderall, this bizzare feeling began. I think almost 20 yrs ago was the first time it happenned, used to be sporadic, but now occurs several times a day. I begin to hear a train like sound (it is a warning signal for me to find something to grab on to) Then I feel kinda light headed and feeling as though a migrane is starting. The pain goes away in my head, but my legs and feet become like concrete. I can not walk at all, then in a few minutes I can try to walk holding on to the wall or whatever, but it is hard to do. Then I try again and walk like the worse drunk you can imagine. It is very embarrasing. People get concerned and I have to come up with some excuse. I have no clue what it really is. At times i wish I had a neon sign saying *I am not Drunk!*  (and maybe another one that flashes *I am!*)

    Has anyone else experianced this? Have ruled out Bloodpressure as cause, ruled out blood sugar, I have no clue. Any one with anything similar? Response greatly appreciated!

  • msdee45


    Yes!, you should have a full work up with a neurologist. This disease is vveeerrryy progressive and move very fast. You should be geting diaganosised and starting medication ASAP. The sooner the better. If your a college student. Go to Disability Services so that you can receive accomodations from your professors.

  • miscarrie

    I just read this and thought Wow, same problem I'm having. A 1 mg Ativan settles the dizzy and nausea down. Doctor told me that if I needed Ativan on a regular basis I would need to get it from another doctor..... That made no sence to me???

  • pamj2012
    My doctor put me on Ridilin.  It helps some but it makes my heart beat faster 
  • maria1
    Vitamin D has been a good pill for me, 4000 units daily. Niacin is supposed to widen the blood vessels but the pill I took gave me hives. When my brain is a fog I do physical stuff like clean the frig. When my body is fog i balance my checkbook. Do what you are able to do when you are able to do it. Try not to force yourself to do something. Do what you can when you can and celebrate whatever you do do. Hooray! I washed my face! Celebrate all the positive, fill your life with the positive stuff. Think happy thoughts and feel good about everything you do. Also consider selling or giving away any treasures you have that you may break by dropping or slipping through the fingers. My only regret is not giving away stuff that was my grandmothers, when I broke it in little pieces I cried for months and mourn the loss for years. give it a better home. take really good care of yourself, all of you,
  • jeep2626

    Hi my name is chris i have had ms since 04 i would like to try some vitamim D i have some D3 400 iu would you take and how much . What i take for my ms is gilenya i have lot of the other stuff i hate needles and iv so i went to the pill so much quicker.

  • Lynx

    maria1,  You are so awesome!  I always find such good information in your posts--you're a wize cookie.  I break things on accident too, however, I'm pretty crafty at repurposing things.  Broken glass or dishes can be used in a mosaic project or in planters for decoration.  Broken jewelry can be made into new jewelry--I keep beads for future projects.  My great grandmother used her jewelry to make Christmas decorations, which are really special.  Ripped things can be re-sewn, or the fabric can be used to make hot pads, quilting, decorative pillows, or scarves.  Young children can use these things for dress-up play, too.  Wool items can be used in felting projects to make coasters, (the best I've ever had), and many, many other things--including gifts.


    I could go on, and on, and on about repurposing things.  Organizartion is a must, so treasures do not get lost.  There are two things that I discarded, in the past , becaise they broke. I so much  wish I would have kept them--I know better now.  I'm not a horder, I just see value in things. No more sadness over broken things--I make them new. This is going to sound crazy, but I often like things better, somehow, after I've fixed them or turned thm into something new.  They tell a story.   Lynx

  • ice-cream

    here, another oldie post but goodie. In the dance of denial and acceptance I cycle through every few minutes, I find your posts so refreshing. I just love you. Your positivity is exactly what I need. Today my doctor, who is also my music partner, told me after I told me that If I wasn't a nuisance or too much trouble that I'd like to continue to play every week with him. He said, "'s the best therapy there is.".


    I washed my face today. THAT is what/where I am at (when I'm not in a second of denial). The little things is what I am truly learning to appreciate. Thank you SO VERY MUCH.

  • reba
    Thank you for all the words you put on your post!! I am 54 and was diagnosed in 95 and I always feel lazy or I am not doing enough and I feel guilty. I like the idea saying hooray for any little achievement. I also take the vitamins and the D is a big plus. I have given a lot of my precious things to my nieces for safekeeping. Thank You for reminding me it is OK to allow yourself to be.
  • nikinoodles
    Beautiful wonderful perfectly dead on.Thank you!
  • susaninflorida
    Is so very nice to hear this. I too, try to stay positive, but also no longer own glass dishes, and my fingers don't want to do what I want. This is the first that I've read of someone else experiencing this yes, and I joined this group because this is the only place that I found where people actually say things that I can relate to. It's really nice to know that I'm not alone. Thank you for posting this!
  • susaninflorida
    Is so very nice to hear this. I too, try to stay positive, but also no longer own glass dishes, and my fingers don't want to do what I want. This is the first that I've read of someone else experiencing this yes, and I joined this group because this is the only place that I found where people actually say things that I can relate to. It's really nice to know that I'm not alone. Thank you for posting this!
  • weezle
    Niacin causes flushing in many people because of its vascular effects. Slo Niacin is a controlled release niacin that is less likely to cause flushing. 
  • maria1
    P.,S. I learned when one sales person returned a twenty to me, that I was giving clerks two twenties for an eighteen dollar purchase. only one gave me the money back. I lost a lot of money that way. Now I use credit cards and checks, i only carry twenty dollars in my wallet, most times it is empty.
  • pamj2012
    I have done the same thing.  I went to a couple of  stores one day and spent almost  $100  . My husband asked what I bought for that much.  I couldn't rember. 

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