The Balancing Act

It’s really tricky to find a perfect balance between inspiring and educating others about MS, and feeling that it defines me.

One of my favorite things in this whole world is being that beacon of light for those who are still searching—searching for answers; searching for support; searching for some ray of positive hope. I thrive on being that ray of hope to those who are newly diagnosed or veterans of the disease because there is never too much positive energy. There are times, however, where it becomes truly exhausting to be known as “that girl with MS” or have people only ever talk to me about my disease and nothing more.

I am dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle because I know it is the right thing for me; in living this way, I am fortunate to say I barely experience symptoms outside of the shakes, limb weakness, or some numbness and tingling. I strive to show others with MS that their diagnosis is not the end of the world! Oftentimes, if you remain positive and change some things up just a little, you are going to overcome any obstacles it will throw at you. I built a health and wellness business based on showing others the amazing things they can overcome if they put in their positive efforts; it’s a beautiful thing because I’ve successfully touched so many lives (particularly the lives of those living with MS!) and have shown them the light when their times were darkest.

On the other hand, I have officially become “the girl who has MS but still goes to the gym.” Not the worst thing in the world, but there is so much more depth to a person than the disease they did not choose. Remember that the next time you look at someone you idolize; there is more to them than what they let the world see. You are not defined by your MS, and neither am I.

If you find yourself listening to others constantly ask you questions or talk about your MS, politely steer the conversation elsewhere. I’ve found that while many of my conversations begin with talk of MS–from symptoms, medications, foods I eat, exercises I do, and more–I like to end them with more substance between myself and the person I’m speaking to. It’s because of this method I’ve made so many wonderful friends! I’ve began conversations purely based on MS and have found other metal heads out there; I have found other avid readers; I have found others who work in marketing; I have found people who are just like me, and that goes way beyond MS.

Embrace who MS has made you, and who you are becoming, but never let it define you because there is so much more to all of us than what is on the surface.
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Catherine Weston

Catherine is a professional in the medical marketing industry from Long Island, NY. She aspires to show the world that MS doesn't hold her back. She was diagnosed in 2014 and has been striving to help others overcome their fears and limitations since (she also loves sheep!). Keep up with Catherine and her adventures in wellness through her blog!