What Do I Know?

For the past three and a half years my husband, Khoren, attended a local community college, ultimately earning a degree in computer technology. Or was it information technology? Either way, you get the idea. Just last week he was hired in his field at a great company. At last, the decision to go to school and all of his hard work had paid off. The path to get to this point was a little bumpy in the beginning.

It might be helpful to share some insight into our relationship. As background, Khoren and I went to high school together; we even dated for a year before I left for college. He was two years behind me. Not surprisingly, we lasted until October of my freshman year.

After earning his high school diploma, my husband took a different path than I. He decided to travel the country and head overseas to check out what Europe had to offer. During that time, he took in a lot of concerts and made it to some baseball stadiums here and there. When we first started dating again … 18 years later … he had been working for a company for nine years installing and programming high-end audio systems for private residences. The economy went south and so did his job. He moved to Maine with me and looked for something new — a process that proved bleak.

My husband is one smart guy. I couldn’t stand seeing him take a job that wouldn’t challenge him and I don’t think he could either. We agreed he should go back to school, and we knew we were fortunate to have that option. That decision wasn’t easy, though. For me. I felt slightly miffed. Why didn’t he do things my way – the right way? Then, we’d have two incomes and we’d be on easy street.

But here’s the thing. If he had done things my way he would’ve gone directly to college and then to work, to be diagnosed with MS just a few years into his career. That precious carefree time he spent exploring the world independently and on his own terms would’ve been lost. Turns out that by not being stuck to a traditional set of rules, he gave himself a gift. 

He really doesn’t make it easy for me to be right all the time. (He’ll laugh when he reads that line, because I’m pretty much never really right). And that’s exactly what I love about him.
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