Dear Scholarship Donor

It is with eyes full of tears and a heart full of gratitude that I write this letter.

I am a 35-year-old mom of two children, Jason and Jocelyn. When they were born, I was working while pursuing a degree in business administration. However, when my youngest was about six months old, I was taking her for a walk when my legs began to feel heavy and I fell. I began a two-year journey of testing and seeing specialists, with no answers until I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012. I knew my children were growing up. They were so full of life and I felt like my life was being sucked from me one nerve cell at a time.

I continued with school, but I could not work anymore. Then, even with Social Security Disability Insurance, I could no longer afford school. My financial aid and loans had run out and, as I wasn’t working, my credit was not good enough to secure a private loan. My school could only offer a payment plan. I convinced myself that I didn’t need a degree because my life was now going to be centered around MS.

But I knew in my heart that I wanted that degree, and that I wanted to start a business from home that might possibly be a charity for people with disabilities due to autoimmune disease. So when I opened the letter yesterday saying I had been awarded a scholarship from the National MS Society, I nearly fell to the floor (and not because of a relapse!). If paper could talk, you would hear my screams of happiness. I want to share with my children that there are still amazing people in this world and that their mom just encountered some of that greatness. I have such joy and hope in my heart right now because getting my degree was something I didn’t think was possible and now, because of you, it is possible.

With the biggest heart, I thank you.
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Sydonnie McMillian

Sydonnie McMillian lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.