Blessed with MS

Just from the title of this blog, you may be curious how a person can feel blessed with multiple sclerosis. Well my friend, I’m here to open up about my experience and expand your mind frame!

As you know, MS is a chronic disease. This is understandable and well known, but it lacks something more. You see, you’re wonderfully made, and if you didn’t know, now’s the time to acknowledge it. Know that even if your body goes through some changes, it’ll never take away your credibility.

You’ve got to see the best within yourself, even when times get hard. I was diagnosed with MS when I was 14 years old. I had reached my lowest point when I had to discontinue schooling because I couldn’t walk, talk or eat on my own. Now, I know it sounds harsh and difficult to understand, but there was a blessing in the midst of it all now that I reflect back on my life.

All my hardships have helped me to push myself towards greatness: from earning my college degree, to even running my own business as a motivational speaker. I strongly believe that MS should never prevent you from following your dreams or aspirations. Being at your lowest of lows can actually help you understand the many strengths that you possess.

Regardless of any MS battles you’ve faced, your life has a purpose. No matter what the doctors, or internet says, your life still has a purpose! You must move past any doubts or fears and learn to trust yourself within the process. This is how you add a positive atmosphere to your thought process.

Never forget this.

With that being said, I encourage you to keep fighting. Try and keep a positive mind amid sunny or cloudy days. This will be the strength you’ll need further down the road. Trust me when I say it’ll be alright, because it truly will. You’re more than a conqueror in life. Please, take that into your advantage and transform it into something phenomenal.

Out of all the people in the world, there is someone other than your family who admires your battle with MS. Let that sink in for a moment. I know it can seem hard to understand, but it’s so true.

So, pick your head up and stick your chest out. Because you really are amazing.
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Paige Starks

Paige is 23 years old and lives with MS. She spends most of her time focused on her business – motivational speaking. Her mission in life is to help people see past their harsh adversities and to turn them into strengths and blessings.