In the moment

It’s important to me that I portray what’s real, but let’s face it, real can be a drag. There are some situations in life when we have a hard time and things don’t end with a double rainbow and a room full of puppies. But that’s everyone’s life, right? Everyone has his or her own “stuff.” Call it seasonal affective disorder or the blues or post-holiday let down, but I’m just depressed. And when I feel like this, MS is enemy number one. I guess it should be all the time … but at times like this it's really in my face, and I'm not even the one with MS!
My husband Khoren is rarely down. How can that be? It must be some sort of super power. Now that I think about it, all the people with MS that I’ve met possess this inner strength that confounds me. MS is obviously not something they're happy about; I get that. But they must know something I don't.
So, I went straight to the source for answers. Maybe some input from Khoren would help me get over my funk. I asked him how it was that nothing seems to get to him – particularly his MS. I waited anxiously for his sage advice. And, I waited. Finally, he broke the silence. “It's just my mindset. I don't have control over it, so I don't let it get me down.”
I wondered, “How can I purchase such a mindset?” It certainly doesn't come that easily to me. It kind of got me thinking about mindfulness and living in the moment, which is really how I think Khoren lives his life the way he does. This reminded me of a really wonderful book I own, Tao Te Ching. Every time I open it I feel more at peace with how things are and why things are. Maybe it could do the same for you?
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