Choose Wisely

When it comes to doctors, I always follow instructions. When I’m sick, I take the medicine they give me. If I have a pain, I rely on them to tell me how to get rid of it. When I was pregnant, I didn’t even bother with those pre-natal classes. My entire plan was just to do whatever the doctors told me to do.

When it comes to MS, my usual modus operandi is letting me down. I’ve been very surprised about how much has been left up to me. Particularly since the “me” in question is a fairly uninformed rookie when it comes to serious medical issues. What drugs do I want to take? Do I want to modify my diet? Is physical therapy the right choice for me? Do I want to take vitamins or supplements?

There’s a big part of me that’s still waiting for the instructions. I want to be handed an MS manual that will tell me exactly what to do and promise me specific results. Sadly, there’s no manual. I get to choose my path, and those choices will have an impact on the quality of my life. It’s a lot of responsibility, and sometimes that can feel overwhelming.

The bright side is that even with a disease that none of us would choose to have, it’s kind of nice to have some measure of control. And that’s what choices represent. Choose to eat better to keep your body strong. Choose to try yoga to keep your balance steady. Choose to learn a language or do a crossword to keep your mind sharp. Choose to accept support. Choose to live well.

We’re all at different stages of this journey, but within that framework, maybe all the choices are a blessing. Let’s make good ones!
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Katie Jennings, Blogger

Katie Jennings keeps busy juggling a son, a husband, a job, an old house, a bossy cat and unpredictable Vermont weather. She was diagnosed with progressive relapsing MS in December 2012. She blogs about all of it at