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Anyone Got the Holiday Blues?

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So, the holidays are approaching fast. There are presents to buy, friends and relatives to see, get-togethers to plan or attend, and meals to prepare or share. No wonder many of us greet this season with a mixture of excitement and panic – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And for anyone living with the overpowering fatigue of MS, just the thought of all this activity can be exhausting.

For some people the pressure to feel jolly, festive, social and grateful can have the opposite effect – leading to a whopping case of the holiday blues. We’ve all had them at one time or another, but MS can sometimes bring on those blues with a vengeance, particularly when MS symptoms make everything a little less fun and a little more challenging.

Fear: Confronting the enemy

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I want to pick up where Trevis left off – talking about how he and his wife confronted fears about the future and advanced MS by getting to know more about the “enemy". Fear of the disease can be disabling, sometimes more than the disease itself. Fear can literally stop people in their tracks. So the best strategy is often to think about what frightens you the most (which will be different for every individual) – whether it’s reduced mobility, loss of employment, threats to your independence, a shortened life expectancy, or anything else – and work proactively to help yourself feel less vulnerable, safer, healthier, and more in control. The next step is to get educated about the issue or issues that scare you and take steps to build your safety net. And if you’re not sure how to go about that, an MS Navigator can guide you.